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Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS)

The Digital Marketing Strategy Minor

There’s really no such thing as just digital marketing. Today, digital marketing IS marketing! With positions in digital marketing strategy and social media management growing 30% faster than any other areas of marketing, it’s never been more important for our students to have both knowledge and experience in one of the fastest growing and moving areas of marketing. 

The Department of Marketing’s digital marketing program offers both a minor and a concentration in digital marketing strategy. And our courses don’t just lecture about the important areas in digital marketing, the program instead focuses on giving students the opportunity to apply what they learn through hands-on projects based on real-life digital marketing skills. 

Since practical experience is a must in today’s marketing job market, the digital marketing courses are designed to prepare students by offering unique opportunities to practice the skills learned through hands-on activities like creating Buyer Persona profiles, working within actual Email Marketing Systems, and strategizing and implementing social media and pay-per-click advertising campaigns using cutting-edge simulation software tools. 

Our students also leave the program with industry recognized skills certifications. These career enhancing tools and skills are assets students can include on resumes and speak to on interviews, which will help them stand-out in a highly competitive market when looking for top internships and jobs. 


  • MKTG 3164: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy
    This course introduces students to the main areas in digital marketing and gives valuable insight into the inner workings of key topics including Inbound Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing, Social Media as well as proven business strategies and best practices for each.
  • MKTG 4164: Social Media and Content Marketing
    This course takes an in-depth look at the top social media marketing platforms and explores the latest strategies on how to successfully leverage these channels for business. The course also focuses on how to create strategic and effective content across these platforms as well as how to produce content for integrated marketing campaigns that combine social, digital and traditional marketing tactics - content for areas such as blogs, podcasts, and social media advertising.
    Pre: MKTG 3104, 3164
  • MKTG 4264: Analytics for Marketing
    This course integrates conceptual and quantitative aspects of marketing to develop strategic business intelligence. It will provide a concentrated emphasis on the role of analytical and computer models to enhance marketing decision making. There is an emphasis on managerial decision making in key areas including segmentation and targeting, positioning, forecasting, new product design, and pricing.
    Pre: MKTG 3104, 4154, 4204

The Digital Marketing Strategy minor is currently open to Pamplin College of Business (PCOB) students, and can be acquired as a Digital Marketing Strategy Concentration for Marketing majors. 

The minor requires all students to take: MKTG 3104, MKTG 3164, MKTG 4154, MKTG 4164, MKTG 4204, MKTG 4264 and one (3 credit hour) course of an approved elective.

Students have the option of choosing the DMS minor elective in the areas of ART, BIT, CHE COMM, CS, ESM, HTM and SBIO. For a complete list of approved DMS minor electives, please refer to the check sheet. 

For Marketing-specific course information for the DMS concentration or minor contact:

Monica Hillison
Assistant Professor of Practice

For students looking to verify their prerequisites for the minor or who are interested in changing their major, adding a concentration or applying to the Pamplin College of Business, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Center at (540) 231-6602, or click below to make an appointment.