The Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing Management Major provides students with a wide variety of knowledge to serve as building blocks for today's business world. Students meet the challenge with an overall exposure and proficiency in research, social media, communications, consumer behaviors, as well branding and strategic planning.   

Marketing Major Requirements: 

MKTG 3104 Marketing Management (Pre: 60 credit hours)

MKTG 4154 Marketing Research (Pre: BIT 2405, 06; or STAT 3005, BIT 2406; corequisite 3104)

MKTG 4204 Consumer Behavior (Pre: MKTG 3104; corequisite MKTG 4554)

MKTG 4304 Marketing Communications (Pre: MKTG 3104, 4204)

MKTG 4354 Marketing Channels and Logistics (Pre: BIT 2405, 06; or STAT 3005, BIT 2406, MKTG 3104, 4204)

MKTG 4554 Buyer Seller Relationships (Pre: MKTG 3104; corequisite MKTG 4204)

MKTG 4644 Marketing, Society, and Public Interest (Pre: MKTG 3104)

MKTG 4754 Strategic Marketing (Must be taken during your last semester: MKTG 3104, 4154, 4204, and two of MKTG 4554, 4304, and 4354 must be completed before taking MKTG 4754; the third can be completed concurrently.)

* 6 credit hours of approved Marketing electives in the areas advertising, retail, product and price, sales force management, real estate and international marketing. Students also have the option of independent studies or field practicums for course credit for internship experience. 


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For Marketing-specific course information for the MKTG concentration contact:

Misty Blankenship

Administrative & Academic Manager 

(Liaison to UG Advising Center)