Focusing on another specialization? Majoring in a degree from a different college? Not interested in taking on a full marketing degree? Add to your experience at Virginia Tech by choosing a Marketing Minor option.

Professional Sales Minor

Add a unique concentration to your degree. This minor allows you to study the basics in the Professional Sales track. Combined with any number of major degrees such as Communications, Psychology, Construction, Fashion Merchandising to name a few, the Professional Sales minor affords you the business knowledge you need to succeed in a variety of industries.

Digital Marketing Strategy Minor

The Digital Marketing Strategy minor enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in online and digital business and digital product delivery, and in developing, analyzing and enhancing a company’s presence on the web, mobile and social networks. Digital marketing encompasses many areas of application, including mobile marketing, Internet marketing, e-commerce, and social media marketing. The demand for digital marketing skills has grown rapidly and has resulted in numerous career opportunities in the professional realm such as specialist, director, marketing, and coordinator. Companies are spending record budgets on advertising using social media, the Internet, and the mobile platforms.

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics Program Minor

This interdisciplinary minor combines concepts from several applied areas, offering you a semi-personalized educational experience. Our world is characterized by complex individual and collective decision-making problems that often cut across the artificial boundaries of academic disciplines. The PPE Minor allows students to address cuh interdisciplinary issues that lie at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. The integrated study of these three disciplines trains students to make choices hat are not only economically sound, but also socially, ethically, and politically informed.