The VT graduate will concentrate in courses in the areas of marketing analytics, communication, product and price management, and consumer behaviors. In addition, the graduates will have options to take other courses in global operations, multimedia studio, social media theory and practice, mobile software development, electronic commerce systems, database technology for business and a host of other courses to enhance their knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Digital Marketing Strategy minor enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in online and digital business and digital product delivery, and in developing, analyzing and enhancing a company’s presence on the web, mobile and social networks. Digital marketing encompasses many areas of application, including mobile marketing,

Internet marketing, e-commerce, and social media marketing. The demand for digital marketing skills has grown rapidly and has resulted in numerous career opportunities in the professional realm such as specialist, director, marketing, and coordinator. Companies are spending record budgets on advertising using social media, the Internet, and the mobile platforms.

In a Robert Hall Technology Survey in 2011, and Manpower Group Talent Shortage Survey in 2012, it was projected that over the next 10 years businesses will see an 80% growth in jobs in the Digital Marketing Strategy area.


MKTG 4254: Product and Price Mgmt

This course offers knowledge in strategic product planning and new product development in relation to marketing management. Topics covered are in the areas of innovation, mass-customization, economic, financial, legal and marketing principles. Pre: MKTG 3104, 3104H, 4154, and 4204, 4204H.

MKTG 4264: Analytics for Marketing

This course integrates conceptual and quantitative aspects of marketing to develop strategic business intelligence. It will provide a concentrated emphasis on the role of analytical and computer models to enhance marketing decision making. Emphasis on managerial decision making in key areas, including segmentation and targeting, positioning, forecasting, new product design and pricing. Pre: MKTG 3104, 3104H, 4204, 4204H, and 4154.

MKTG 4304: Marketing Communications

This course is a study of theory and application of an organization’s marketing communications function. Content will include developing a marketing plan, setting communication goals, developing message strategy, implementing the strategy using promotional mix variables, planning media, and determining the communication budget. Emphasis will include: branding strategy development using digital media. Pre: MKTG 3104, 3104H, and 4204, 4204H.

The Digital Marketing Strategy minor is currently open to PCoB students, as well as Marketing majors. The minor requires all students to take : MKTG 3104, MKTG 4154, MKTG 4204, MKTG 4254, MKTG 4264, MKTG 4304 and one (3 credit hour) course of an approved elective.

Students have the option of choosing the DMS minor elective in the areas of ART, BIT, CHE, COMM, CS, ESM, HTM and SBIO. A complete list of approved DMS minor electives can be found on the checksheet.

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