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Because of the increasing importance of global social issues in international commerce, it is necessary that American students of business understand the social and cultural concerns, as well as the economic issues, affecting their international peers. This program combines the acquisition of traditional marketing skills with the opportunity to observe and engage with a socially novel environment.

While Studying Abroad presents invaluable opportunities for personal and academic development, we encourage you to consider its effects on professional development. As you prepare to travel for a semester, summer, or winter session, be sure to consider the following resources so that you don’t lose track of your classes & credits, or you internship and job search:

Participating in an abroad program offers unique experiences that should be shared with others. After you return from your abroad trip, we encourage you to meet with a Pamplin advisor or any of your Marketing Professors to discuss how to best market your Study Abroad experience to employers, graduate programs, etc. 

  • Lugano
  • Linking Lives
    Similar to the Lugano Program, this is a semester-long program with a home-base in Switzerland. This program is an international service learning experience that will change how you view the world. With 9 weeks in Europe and 5 weeks in Africa, you will experience the world like never before, all while earning 18 credits.

During the European component of the program, you will be based in Lugano, Switzerland.  Lugano is located in Canton Ticino, the only Italian-speaking canton in Switzerland.  You'll live at the Montarina Hostel, rated in a Washington Post article as one of the 8 top youth hostels in the world.  For 9 weeks, you'll take classes from Virginia Tech professors and have the weekends to explore the surrounding areas of Europe. You'll be required to visit at least the following cities:  Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, and Munich.