Anne-Sophie Chaxel

Assistant Professor
Anne-Sophie Chaxel
Office: 7054 Haycock Road, RM 306, Falls Church, VA 22043

Teaching Interest:

  • Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Marketing Communication, Judgment and Decision-Making

Research Interests:

  • Biases in Judgment and Decision making, Cognitive Processes, Consumer Goals

Selected Publications:

  • Chaxel, A. Sophie (2016), "Why, When, and How Personal Control Impacts Information Processing: A Framework" - Journal of Consumer Research, 43(1), 179-197.
  • Chaxel, A. Sophie (2015), "How do Stereotypes Influence Choice?" - Psychological Science, 26(5), 641-645.
  • Chaxel, A. Sophie (2015), "The Impact of a Relational Mindset on Information Distortion," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 60, 1-7.
  • Chaxel, A. Sophie, J. Edward Russo and Catherine Wiggins (2015), "A Goal‐Priming Approach to Cognitive Consistency: Applications to Judgment," Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29(1), 37-51.
  • Chaxel, A. Sophie (2013), “The Impact of Procedural Priming of Selective Accessibility on Self-generated and Experimenter-provided Anchors,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 50, 45-51.
  • Chaxel, A. Sophie, J. Edward Russo and Neda Kerimi (2013), “Preference-Driven Biases in Consumer Search and Evaluation of Product Information,” Judgment and Decision-Making, 8 (5), 561-576.
  • Russo, J. Edward and Anne-Sophie Chaxel (2010), “How Persuasive Messages Can Influence Choice without Awareness,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20, 338-342.

Dr. Anne-Sophie Chaxel is Assistant Professor of Marketing. She obtained her Ph.D. in Management at Cornell University. Prior to graduating from Cornell, she had obtained a Master’s degree in Management from HEC Paris.  Before joining Pamplin, she spent three years at McGill University in Canada. Anne-Sophie's research focuses on understanding biases in judgment and decision-making. More precisely, her work is organized in three streams. The first examines the causes of biases in judgment and decision-making (why are we biased?). The second traces the cognitive processes by which biases influence choice (how do biases influence our choices?). The third proposes tactics to mitigate biases (what factors influence biases?). Her work has been published in a wide array of psychology and marketing journals, such as Psychological Science, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the Journal of Behavioral Decision-Making and Judgment and Decision-Making.