Anne-Sophie Chaxel

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interest:

Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Marketing Communication, Judgment and Decision-Making

Research Interests:

Biases in Judgment and Decision making, Cognitive Processes, Consumer Goals

Selected Publications:

Chaxel, A. Sophie (2016), "Why, When, and How Personal Control Impacts Information Processing: A Framework" - Journal of Consumer Research, 43(1), 179-197.

Chaxel, A. Sophie (2015), "How do Stereotypes Influence Choice?" - Psychological Science, 26(5), 641-645.

Chaxel, A. Sophie (2015), "The Impact of a Relational Mindset on Information Distortion," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 60, 1-7.

Chaxel, A. Sophie, J. Edward Russo and Catherine Wiggins (2015), "A Goal‐Priming Approach to Cognitive Consistency: Applications to Judgment," Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29(1), 37-51.

Chaxel, A. Sophie (2013), “The Impact of Procedural Priming of Selective Accessibility on Self-generated and Experimenter-provided Anchors,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 50, 45-51.

Chaxel, A. Sophie, J. Edward Russo and Neda Kerimi (2013), “Preference-Driven Biases in Consumer Search and Evaluation of Product Information,” Judgment and Decision-Making, 8 (5), 561-576.

Russo, J. Edward and Anne-Sophie Chaxel (2010), “How Persuasive Messages Can Influence Choice without Awareness,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20, 338-342.

Anne-Sophie Chaxel
  • (540) 231-1355
  • Office: 7054 Haycock Road, RM 306, Falls Church, VA 22043


  • Master of Science in Management, HEC Paris (2005)
  • Ph.D., Marketing, Cornell University (2012)