Kim Daniloski

Visiting Assistant Professor

Teaching Interest:

Marketing research, Marketing for non-profit organizations, Consumer behavior

Research Interests:

Consumer decision-making, Narrative persuasion, Social marketing/social change, International service learning

Selected Publications:

Hamby, A., Brinberg, D., & Daniloski, K. (2017). Reflecting on the journey: Mechanisms in narrative persuasion. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27(1), 11-22. doi:10.1016/j.jcps.2016.06.005

Weaver, K., Daniloski, K., Schwarz, N., & Cottone, K. (2015). The role of social comparison for maximizers and satisficers: Wanting the best or wanting to be the best? Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(3), 372-388.

Hamby, A., Daniloski, K., & Brinberg, D. (2015). How consumer reviews persuade through narratives. Journal of Business Research, 58(6), 1242-1250.

Hamby, A., Pierce, M., Daniloski, K., & Brinberg, D. (2011). The use of participatory action research to create a positive youth development program. Social Marketing Quarterly, 17(3), 2-17.

Emery, C., Daniloski, K., & Hamby. A. (2011). The reciprocal effects of self-view as a leader and leadership emergence. Small Group Research, 42(2), 199-224.

Maniscalco, C., Daniloski, K., & Brinberg, D. (2010). The impact of relationship stage on the determinants of trust in the pharmacist-client relationship:  Results from a social marketing campaign. Social Marketing Quarterly, 16(4), 18-40.

Additional Information:

Dr. Daniloski teaches and coordinates two study abroad programs for the marketing department:

Kim Daniloski


PhD, Marketing, Virginia Tech