M. Joseph Sirgy

Virginia Tech Real Estate Professor of Marketing

Teaching Interest:

Teaching interests include consumer behavior, marketing communications, international marketing, real estate marketing, marketing research, startegic marketing, and marketing and society.

Research Interests:

Quality‐of‐life studies: This broad research program involves the development of theoretical concepts, methods and measures related to subjective well being, consumer well being, employee well being, community well-being, neighborhood well being, housing well being, traveler/tourist well being, elderly well being, Internet well being, patient well being, transportation well being, among others.

Consumer self‐concept: This research program involves the development of theoretical models of self‐image congruence and measures that are effective in predicting a variety of consumer behavior phenomena (e.g.,brand perception, brand preference, brand choice, brand purchase, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer well‐being).

Business ethics: One research program involves the development of codes of ethics for schools of business and its professional disciplines of marketing, management, accounting, finance, etc. A second research program involves the development of the concept of quality‐of‐life marketing as a business philosophy. A third research program involves corporate performance measurement and corporate social responsibility.


 M. Joseph Sirgy


  • BA: University of California Los Angeles
  • MA: California State University Long Beach
  • Ph.D.: University of Massachussetts