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Yan Xu

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Prior to joining Pamplin, Yan was an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is an empirical researcher rooting in quantitative marketing and economics. Yan’s research focuses on (1) modelling learning and bounded rational behaviour of consumers and micro firms and deriving implications for online platform policies and modern retailer strategies, and (2) investigating the impact of online marketplaces and technology on offline resource allocation and regulation. Her work covers a variety of contexts, including crowdfunding platforms, grocery markets, online education, knowledge-sharing platforms, and sharing-economy platforms.


Yan Xu holds a Ph.D. degree in Marketing and a M.Sc. Degree in Economics from Tilburg University, and a B.Sc. degree in Physics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Working paper

“Consumer Time Budgets and The Nature of Grocery” (Bart Bronnenberg, Tobias Klein and Yan Xu, Under 2nd Round Review at Journal of Marketing Research)

“Asymmetric Information and Entrepreneurial Disincentives in Crowdfunding Markets” (Yan Xu and Jian Ni, Revise and Resubmit at Management Science)

“The Relationship between Customer Value and the Timing of Adoption in a New Experience Goods Category” (Yan Xu, Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein)