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The Department of Marketing focuses on knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination, faculty- and student-led projects beyond the boundaries of the university to enhance marketing theory and practice. Our efforts in research, teaching, and outreach integrate conceptual and analytic tools to contribute to solving complex social and economic problems to enhance the consumer quality of life, health, and welfare.


The Marketing department strives to:

  • be a national leader in marketing scholarship.
  • provide undergraduate marketing majors through coursework and student clubs.
  • create and sustain informal learning communities through on-going projects.
  • integrate conceptual and analytic tools to inform consumer and marketing decision making.
  • create vibrant graduate education programs that build student capacity for
    • professional development and leadership
    • making original contributions that advance knowledge in the marketing discipline.  

Strategic Priorities

To provide research, teaching, and outreach opportunities for faculty and students for each facet of the VT-shaped student.  Specifically, we wish to build and enhance:

  1. Transdisciplinary knowledge and technological literacy
  2. Informal communal learning
  3. Disciplinary depth
  4. Guided experiential learning