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Where can Marketing take you?

Consider yourself after four years at Virginia Tech. Are you interested in building businesses and building brands? Are you passionate about combining arts and sciences to develop one-of-a-kind content? Do you see yourself working in dynamic environments, moving with the ebbs and flows of an ever-evolving industry? With the cross-disciplinary training that Pamplin provides its students, anything is possible.

For students interested in changing your major, adding a concentration or applying to the Pamplin College of Business, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Center at (540) 231-6602. 

The undergraduate program in marketing management is designed to offer the student a broad business education with an emphasis on professional training for development of marketing strategies and managing marketing operations. Numerous specializations are afforded by the field, and can be combined with other disciplines to create a dynamic degree. First, the market for goods in the private sector divides itself into two major parts: the consumer market and the industrial market. Specialization in either market can be easily accomplished in the marketing program by selection of curriculum electives.

Marketing consists of the spectrum of activities that join production of goods and services with the consumer or industrial user. Marketing management consists of planning, implementing, and controlling marketing activity. Included among these activities are concepts such as helping design products or services to satisfy customers' needs, designing pricing strategies to achieve profitable utilization of resources, implementing distribution procedures to obtain a smooth flow from production to use, and evaluating the personal selling and advertising operations to assure that users have sound bases for their buying choices. Marketing management is closely affiliated with such social and behavioral sciences as economics, sociology, and psychology, as well as such quantitative disciplines as accounting, statistics, management science, and computer science.

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