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Hollis Brown

Company you currently work at


Title of your current job position

Events Assistant, Basketball Operations

What were you involved with at Tech? 

I was a member of PRISM, a member of the Virginia Tech Ballet Project, I worked as a marketing intern with the Virginia Tech athletics department, I was an Orientation Leader, I also worked in Squires Student Center as an Information Specialist and in the Virginia Tech Men's Basketball office as an Office Assistant.

What have you done post graduation?

In mid 2018, Hollis moved to Atlanta, GA to begin her marketing career with a sport ticketing consulting company called Huddle Tickets and later took a job as a Sales Consultant with the 2019 US Open, tennis.  She now works as an Events Assistant at ESPN, helping with the collegiate basketball operations of the State Farm Champions Classic, ESPN Orlando Invitational, National Invitational Tournament - Orlando, and lastly the ESPN College Football Award Show. 

The last 2 years have been so exciting and yet challenging for me in every aspect, professionally and personally.

Within the last year, I was able to compete in the Miss Black USA pageant by reigning as the 2019 Miss Black Virginia USA; I started a podcast called 'Outnumbered with Kelli & Hollis', which focuses on women within the sports industry and women wanting to break into the industry; and lastly I am in the process of started a project called Grow and GLO (Genuinely Loving Ourselves), which is centered around helping women grow out of toxic situations and GLO into their best self.

What were some of your biggest professional accomplishments since graduating?

By using the techniques I learned at Virginia Tech and within the company, I held the #1 spot in Revenue Rank Earnings for the 2019 USTA's, US Open by closing over $100,000 in sales revenue in just a little over two months by engaging with the average consumer, not groups!

What did VT Marketing do to prepare you for your professional career?

VT Marketing helped give me a solid foundation to begin my career! I met so many great people that genuinely care about my success and want to see me grow to my full potential. Its great having a support system (other than family and close friends) that believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself sometimes.

Would you like to include any pieces of advice for VT marketing students?

Trust the process and trust your journey. Congrats to everyone that will have a full time offer when they graduate but to those that don't, remember that the right opportunity will come to you if you work for it! Never give up on your dreams and take advantage of every opportunity you can.

Most rewarding thing about your career right now?

My position now is great for me because I'm able to have a lot of roles and learn different sides of the sports industry. Every day is never the same. Some days I'm working on social media campaigns, other days i'm planning hospitality events in Madison Square Garden. This is rewarding for me because it provides the opportunity to strengthen my skill set, work ethic and thought process in such a short time frame.

Most challenging thing about your career right now?

The most challenging thing about my career right now is making sure I have a good understanding of my professional journey and I don't rush my process. With social media, It's sometimes easy to compare your progression in life to others and doubt yourself but it is important to remember that what God has for you, no one can take away.

Any additional information that you would like to include?

Attending the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business was one of the best decisions I've made to begin my career in marketing. My career advice is to never wait for a seat at the table! Bring a chair and create your own opportunity.