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MAB Student Scholarships

Join us in congratulating our three recipients of the 2021-2022 MAB Student Scholarships!

Receiving this scholarship allows me to continue focusing on the mission of furthering DEI initiatives on our campus and less on financial burdens. It really affirms the work that I am doing matters and is making the impact that I dreamed it would when I became a Hokie.  That's why I'm at Virginia Tech, because I have people all around me in Pamplin, in Marketing, and beyond who recognize my mission, and invest countless energies in helping me make that a reality.  Look for me on Pamplin social media channels and in some of your classes this fall talking about the scholarship and how you can apply!

Receiving this scholarship showed me that I have a copious amount of supporters and mentors backing my success in the marketing world that want to help me achieve my career goals. The scholarship shows that the Virginia Tech Marketing Advisory Board was willing to invest in my future!  I am honored to be this year's recipient and want to thank the advisory board for their generosity and constant support. The scholarship has lightened my financial burden which allowed me to focus more on spending time on my academics, and other school involvements like VT PRISM.

Receiving this scholarship means I get to be a full-time student, focused entirely on my studies, and not have to worry about whether I'll need to pick up a job during this semester to afford my textbooks. I can dedicate all my time to succeeding in my classes and giving back to my community.  Pamplin has plenty of outstanding marketing students who may be unaware of this scholarship, so I will be an eager source of information to help others benefit from this opportunity just as I have been able to.