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Professional Sales Minor (PRSL)

The VT graduate with a Minor in Professional Sales (PRSL) will understand and recognize how to effectively apply sales techniques and theories within his or her organization. Students will learn how to more effectively utilize their communication, interpersonal, and professional skills to implement selling strategies including initiating and building long-term customer relationships and delivering effective sales presentations.

Selling skills drive our economy—from At Virginia Tech medical equipment to industrial and engineering products—sales make things happen, every day. Recent statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor (2011) estimate that professional sales positions are expected to increase 9-25 percent by 2016. This condition has created strong competition among employers to recruit and retain the very best business student graduates for professional sales careers. The Professional Sales program in the Marketing Department in the Pamplin College of Business is designed to prepare students for careers in professional sales. Students who have graduated within our department, currently hold positions within GE Healthcare, Hershey’s, Frito Lay, Ferguson, Otis, and many more. Most compensation packages range from $45,000-$85,000. Students are quickly understanding the potential of this career path and excel when working in tandem with marketing and social media teams to integrate all of their skills.


  • MKTG 4554: Principles of Professional Selling
    This course introduces students to the theory and practice of personal selling. Its primary focus is on the face-to-face aspects of the sales process. Its purpose is to provide a professional foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in sales. Pre: MKTG 3104
  • MKTG 4454: Sales Force Management
    This course focuses on the activities and problems of first line sales managers in managing the sales function in the modern business organization. The role and functions of the sales manager will be examined, including sales force size and organization, and management of the sales force. Issues related to hiring, training, supervising, compensating, and evaluating salespeople are also emphasized. Pre: MKTG 3104, MKTG 4204, MKTG 4554.
  • MKTG 4774: Advanced Personal Selling
    This course builds on the sales concepts students were exposed to in Buyer/Seller Relationships. Students will develop an understanding of the activities involved in supporting buyer-seller interactions and the personal selling process. Its purpose is to provide knowledge in areas related to purchasing, sales negotiations, contact management, sales force technology, and managing customer follow up. Pre: MKTG 3104, MKTG 4204, MKTG 4554)

The Minor in Professional Sales is currently open to the Pamplin College of Business (PCOB) students (non– MKTG majors). The minor requires all students to take: MKTG 3104, MKTG 4204, MKTG 4554, MKTG 4454, MKTG 4774 and two (6 credit hours) of approved electives. Students have the option of choosing 6 hours from the following: MKTG 4354, MKTG 4404, MKTG 4974, COMM 3064, or COMM 3124.

For Marketing-specific course information for the PRSL Concentration or Minor, please contact:

Brian Collins
Professor of Practice
Sales & Marketing

For students interested in changing their major, adding a concentration or applying to the Pamplin College of Business, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Center at (540) 231-6602