This week, we are thrilled to spotlight Content Creator, VT Athletics Intern, and member of The Junior Marketing Advisory Board, Maeleigh Moore! Maeleigh shared her social media journey, a glimpse into her internship with VT Athletics, and advice she has for students aspiring to grow their social media prescience! 

How did you decide you wanted to start posting content on social media?

I first blew up on social media in 2019. This was before even Charli Damelio was posting and I see her as the first real TikTok Influencer. The first video I posted was a birthday gift tutorial that I was making for my friend. I just thought it was creative, so I posted it. I didn’t intend to make it into a serious social media account. At this time, there wasn’t such thing as a TikTok Influencer. Over time, as my videos started to blow up, I realized that this is something I could do as a career or a side hustle and I discovered my love for social media and marketing as my TikTok platform grew! 

What is your process like for creating content? (How do you come up with ideas )

The TikTok For You Page algorithm caters to content that you want to engage with. I watch a lot of fashion, beauty, and day in the life videos. Every time that I’m scrolling on TikTok just for fun, I feel like I’m always researching and finding inspiration for new ideas. My mom actually sends me a lot of video ideas too, so she’s gotten really into my social media. Sometimes I will come across a trend that's very translatable to any niche and I find a way to phrase it into content for my account. Inspiration comes from all around me in my daily life. I’ve made content become a habit! Anything that I’m doing or see I have learned how to turn into content. 

How has your Marketing major helped you grow your social media accounts?

Since coming to college, my Marketing classes have played a significant role in shaping my approach to my social media content. So many things that we learn in class are translatable to the work I do on social media. For example, branding and storytelling, audience segmentation, analyzing consumer behavior, and analytical skills. 

What is your favorite part about being a content creator?

My favorite thing about posting content is that I’ve been able to build a community of people who have the same interests as me. Whenever I post, people comment about certain things that they like, and I feel like they’re all my friends and people want to see what I’m sharing. It’s so cool to see inspiration and receive support from other content creators. It’s amazing to have that community centered around fashion and beauty online. 

Tell us about your internship with VT Athletics. What is the most important thing you have learned from your internship with VT Athletics?

My internship with Virginia Tech Athletics was a year long internship for Marketing and Events. The structure included grassroots marketing at different events and some behind the scenes. For the events part of the internship, we would work all different kinds of sporting events. It was amazing to get to work with a ton of like-minded people. I have been following Virginia Tech sports my whole life, so I was excited to talk with other girls about our basketball team. The most important thing that I’ve learned is that no one knows what your job is supposed to be besides you. At first, I was very nervous being in a position of power and interacting with fans. Being confident and keeping your head high will help you succeed in any role. 

What advice do you have for Virginia Tech students who want to improve their social media presence?

The best thing you can do is watch the people you look up to. Look at the accounts that you like and see what they are doing well and what their fans are commenting on to apply that to your account. When I first started gaining popularity, I just sat back and listened to feedback from my newly growing audience and created content to that accordingly. Focus on creating conversation, fostering dialogue, and engagement on your posts to help build your community because that community is what’s going to push you further and help you grow.