About the board

The Marketing Advisory Board (MAB) was established in the Fall of 2010 and exists to support the efforts of the Pamplin College of Business Marketing Department to enhance students' marketing education experience at Virginia Tech. MAB members bring their own unique industry experiences to the group, and this Fall we are welcoming Ivy Bryant. Bryant was chosen to become a part of this elite organization based on her passion for the business world, dedication to furthering DEI efforts, and love for Virginia Tech.

A Powerhouse Alum

Making her debut this past weekend at the Marketing Advisory Board's bi-annual board meeting, Ivy Bryant was welcomed as the 17th member of the organization. Bryant graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and then again from Howard University, receiving her MBA. Since then, Bryant has spent the last four and a half years living in Washington, DC working as the Vice President for Enterprise Operations at Cigna, one of the nation's largest insurance companies. When talking about the journey she's taken in her career and obstacles overcame, Bryant said "Imposter Syndrome is a very real thing, and it's not something you need to fix. You're not broken, nothing is wrong with you. It's sort of a rite of passage that we all have to go through to become better leaders". In her free time, Bryant has a passion for and has worked on a national mental health program in Historically Black Colleges/Universities. She used Howard University as the hub for the activation and streamed the inaugural session to 52+ Historically Black Colleges/Universities with keynote speakers in the medical field, as well as Cigna as a key sponsor. For more information on Ivy Bryant and Pamplin's Marketing Advisory Board, please visit https://marketing.pamplin.vt.edu/advisory-board/mim-board.html