Welcome to another Pamplin Student Spotlight! Today, we are highlighting Julia Kemly, who is a senior majoring in Digital Marketing and Strategy Marketing Management with a minor in International Business. She had the opportunity to gain plenty of hands-on experience during her internship with Goldman Sachs.

1. What was your role? How did you get the position?

My role was a Summer Marketing Analyst in Consumer Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs. After completing my internship with Amazon, I knew I wanted to gain more experience working for an investment bank. With a background in Marketing, I knew my options were limited, so I simply applied to the Goldman Sachs summer analyst program on a whim and was approached by a recruiter. I am a first-generation college student, so I had to navigate the corporate world alone. I felt incredibly grateful that my application was able to stand out in the pool of hundreds of thousands of candidates.

2. Tell us more about your time at Goldman Sachs. What did your experience consist of?

My internship consisted of 9 eventful weeks of gaining first-hand marketing experience. I was able to work on a variety of projects and assist my boss with client needs. I had so many supportive mentors that wanted to see me succeed and I was able to complete an internship project with a partner; our project was nominated to be presented to the PFMG’s CEO.

3. What were your greatest takeaways after completing the program?

My greatest takeaway from the internship was learning that even as a young analyst you bring something important to the table and you are valued. The confidence gained from my experience was astronomical. I felt comfortable presenting in front of a room of Vice Presidents by the end and I was able to see something in myself that I never saw before. Networking is also important not only as a take away but as a young professional in any industry — you will learn so much from getting to know someone and listening to their stories in business and how they navigated the corporate world.

4. What are some of your favorite memories during your summer with the company?

I was able to make countless memories during the internship. I was able to make so many new friends and explore a new city. The most rewarding memory though would be being nominated to present my internship project in front of Goldman Sachs leadership.

5. What does the future look like?

The future ahead excites me. I was able to accept a full time position in the Goldman Sachs marketing department at the firm's headquarters in New York City and will be moving there upon graduation. I want to thank my parents, friends, personal board of directors, and Donna Wertalik for the countless hours spent taking time to help me along the way.