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Shane & April Lefkowitz

1. Company you currently work at-

We own our own local real estate appraisal business and we own two Gigi's Cupcake stores.

2. Title of your current job position-


3. Year of graduating from Tech-

Shane graduated from Pamplin School of Business in 2005, and April received a degree in Communication Studies and English in 2004.

4. What have you done post graduation?

We have helped to create and build a national real estate appraisal company from the ground up. The company now has appraisers in over 11 states. We have also formed our own local real estate appraisal business, True Vine Appraisals.

We now proudly own and operate two Gigi's Cupcake franchise stores, one of which is located in Pigeon Forge, TN, and the other is being built in Christiansburg, VA.

5. What were some of your biggest professional accomplishments since graduating?

Our biggest accomplishment is becoming entrepreneurs- a husband and wife team who own and operate three businesses together. Now that we are free from a 9-5 job, we have been able to create the lifestyle of our choosing and to invest our time in other opportunities as they arise. 

6. What did VT Marketing do to prepare you for your professional career?

All the software taught to us has paid off.

7. Would you like to include any pieces of advice for VT marketing students?

Do not forget that Virginia Tech is always a resource for you.  It’s awesome to be able to call a staff member and get a second opinion, as they may have a different perspective than you or see something that you do not see.  We have always found that the staff is excited and more than willing to help out in any way possible.

Listen to motivational & successful entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett and/or Tony Robbins.  They will help change the way you think which can and will change your life!! Read will also change your life.

Don't sell out or is too short not to live your dream.  "Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning." Jane Iredale

8. Most rewarding thing about your career right now?  

Becoming our own bosses has enabled us to spend time with our family whenever we want. Because we are entrepreneurs, we have the ability and time to create and start additional business ventures.

9. Most challenging thing about your career right now?

Trying to remain fresh and exciting in our social media posts.