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This Year’s Marketing Advisory Board Scholarship Winners are Marketing Superstars in the Making: Congratulations to Emily Bookstaver, Annie Hunter, and Haseb Alim

The incredible alumni on Virginia Tech’s Marketing Advisory Board (MAB) show their allegiance to the Hokie nation by supporting VT Marketing students in any way they can. This semester, they funded three MAB scholarships to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding potential in the field of marketing and have truly contributed to the Marketing Department. The recipients of these awards, Emily Bookstaver (left), Annie Hunter (middle), and Haseb Alim (right) could not be more deserving. Read on to see what makes these students so phenomenal!

Meet the Recipients of the 2021 MAB Marketing Excellence Scholarship

Emily Bookstaver, VT Marketing Freshman

“On campus, I’m an Account Executive and Content Creator for PRISM, a globally and nationally awarded student run digital marketing firm, as well as a PUMP mentee. Additionally, I work for Virginia Tech Athletics as one of the Women’s Lacrosse Managers.”

“As a first-year student with a passion for marketing, I really wanted to learn more about all the different aspects of marketing and through my campus involvement, attending events, and connecting with alumni I have been able to do just that! I’m so grateful to be a Pamplin Marketing student and can’t wait for all the amazing experiences and opportunities the next three years have to offer!”

Annie Hunter, VT Marketing Freshman

“I’m involved with the American Marketing Association, Pamplin Mentorship Program, and Cru at Virginia Tech. In my free time I love shopping, painting, and going to the gym. I also run my own jewelry business, Beaded Works Studio. I aspire to one day start my own marketing consulting business.”

Meet the Recipient of the 2021 MAB Marketing Inclusive Scholarship

Haseb Alim, VT Marketing Sophomore

“In addition to my studies at Virginia Tech, it is very important for me to gain hands-on experiences that require the application of the skills I learn in the classroom as well as developing new ones in the process. As a result, I have become involved in student organizations like the American Marketing Association, where I've worked as part of the multimedia committee. I am also the Vice President and Head of Marketing Operations for Closing the Gap, a student organization dedicated to promoting dialogue between students and their opposing perspectives on pressing social issues with the goal of finding common ground. In addition to these extracurricular activities, I work as an outreach assistant at the Center for Educational Networks and Impacts within the ICAT.”

“I am also interested in working alongside other university students on special projects to help represent Virginia Tech as a premier university in the country through my efforts in the Google Ads Marketing Challenge and my role on the business team for "The Diggeridoos", a select group of students chosen to compete at Elon Musk's Not-a-Boring Competition. I hope that these valuable experiences will equip me with the knowledge and tools needed for a successful internship with Cisco this upcoming summer.”

“Aside from my academic and professional endeavors, some of my favorite hobbies include immersing myself in literature and cinema. I want to bring the art of both film and literature to the business world because I believe they can change the way businesses capture and retain customers by offering a powerful experience in addition to the good/service. Utilizing everything from the art to the dialogue, I want customers to feel a sense of purpose and a clear call to action. All of this begins and ends with creativity, which I believe to be the most important aspect of marketing and my most defining characteristic.”

What Does this Achievement Mean to Emily, Annie, and Haseb?

Emily Bookstaver

“Receiving this award from the Marketing Advisory board is very meaningful to me as I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn so much from them this past year. Through the Careers In Marketing Class with Professor Wertalik as well as the virtual MAB events, I was able to gain useful insights, guidance, and further connect with VT’s amazing alumni. I value each member’s advice and experiences, so knowing that they see something in me motivates me to continue being ambitious and hardworking.”

Annie Hunter

“The Marketing Advisory Board scholarship has allowed me to refocus my attention from the financial burden of college to looking ahead at my career goals. This scholarship means I have already made an impact in my college career and have potential for the future. Receiving this scholarship has reduced the stress of financing college for me and my family. I’m so grateful for the Marketing Advisory Board for taking the time to hear my story and believing in me.”

Haseb Alim

“This provides me the means to embark on new and existing endeavors for the betterment of society. I believe it is our responsibility to use our education to serve our communities and foster an environment of diversity and inclusion where everyone’s voice is heard.”

“As an immigrant from Afghanistan who has grown up having experienced discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes, I know first-hand how it feels to be alienated and have your perspective overlooked. I want to change that for future generations of students who come from similar backgrounds and minority groups and inspire them to embrace what makes them different. With the work that I am doing with Closing the Gap, this vision has already begun to manifest and has the potential to have larger implications on the way we interact with one another on a daily basis. Through my marketing coursework, I have built the foundation needed to communicate these important messages. This scholarship will not only have a profound impact on my learning experience, but also on the university as a whole through the changes I hope to instill.”