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Students highlight a decade of PRISM with video project

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PRISM is Virginia Tech’s premier faculty-led, student-run digital marketing agency, funded with over $100,000 in grants and representing global, local, and campus clients. Our members exhibit the full scope of student talent at the university, enabling us to excel in marketing research, strategy, design, analytics and next-generation ideation. The organization was founded and advised, by Donna Wertalik as it began in the Marketing Department and now resides under the Dean's office as the key communicators for the Pamplin College of Business social media and digital presence.

We have been globally and nationally awarded for our work with clients spanning from Coca-Cola and Smithfield Foods to Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business and beyond.

Each year, around 25 companies approach us with potential opportunities, and our executive team carefully selects the five we will work with as our clients for the upcoming year. 

Our annual fall recruitment consistently attracts close to 200 applicants, and we bring on the top 20 as new members after a rigorous selection process. Upon graduation, all of our members quickly land full-time jobs which is why we are proud to boast a 100% job placement rate and a growing network of successful alumni.

 In just the first decade of PRISM’s existence, we have over 150 alums all over the world and recipients of 5 Bronze Tellys, 1 Gold Telly, 2 Addys and were named Virginia Tech’s Outstanding Student Organization of the Year in 2019.