This week we were able to connect with current Marketing Management student Katie Ramboyong. This upcoming summer, Katie will be working for her dream job as a Product Line Management (PLM) intern with Under Armour! We were able to discuss her approaches on self-marketing and the steps she took in preparing for this amazing opportunity.

How have your thoughts and ideologies of marketing evolved while being at Virginia Tech?

I have learned about the many considerations required to be a good marketer. You need to understand people’s backgrounds, experiences, and how they perceive content. Creating content that appeals to different people while embracing diversity allows individuals to see themselves using the product or service. Learning to be a considerate and thoughtful marketer has been really interesting, as it translates to being effective in the field. My minor in Leadership and Social Change has also made my marketing studies more exciting and engaging. It demonstrates how many considerations there are when you’re a leader in marketing, creating a dynamic course load.

You have accomplished a lot in your limited time here at Virginia Tech, how did you manage to take on all those endeavors?

This semester, I've truly experienced growth, prompting me to reevaluate all my commitments because it's impossible to give 100% to everything. I've learned that it takes bravery and authenticity to recognize when to step away from certain things and when to embark on new endeavors. When I entered college, I had a clear idea of my interests, but discovering where they flourish has been a long journey. It's also crucial to periodically reassess commitments and recognize that it's okay to step back to pursue other opportunities. Growth only occurs through change and trying new things.

As the incoming Chief Cultural Officer of PRISM, what initiatives do you plan on taking?

In my opinion, PRISM already does a good job of prioritizing culture. The creation of the new position on the executive team, Chief Culture Officer, proves our commitment to culture. We have had conversations about how to enhance engagement and prioritize team bonding during our general body meetings. When you have a strong team where people care for and respect each other, it reflects in their work. We've discussed strategies to make our weekly meetings more meaningful and inclusive, fostering a sense of belonging.

Another aspect of culture we're exploring is continued education. PRISM is interdisciplinary, consisting of people from various majors. We aim to ensure that someone, for instance, a neuroscience major with a passion for multimedia, can contribute and leave PRISM feeling their skillset has grown.

What steps did you take to secure a spot as a PLM intern with Under Armour?

This has been my dream position since I was a freshman when I discovered their robust internship program. Consequently, I approached the application process with great intentionality, believing it essential to tailor my resume and portfolio to align with the company's brand. For instance, I rebranded my resume, cover letter, and portfolio to reflect Under Armour's branding, such as titling my portfolio 'Katie Ramboyong Portfolio for Review of Under Armour.' This customization clearly indicated to them that my application was not generic but specifically tailored for Under Armour.

Additionally, I actively sought out and connected with alumni who were employed by Under Armour, outside of the formal interview process. This not only provided me with reassurance during the interview process but also left them impressed by my dedication. Securing this job was very important to me, and I ensured to invest 150% effort into gaining information and experience.

Is there any advice you would give to incoming freshmen, or simply others in marketing?

Do not take yourself out of consideration for your dream job. It's crucial to market something you genuinely believe in, aligning with your passions, interests, and values. If you dislike an industry and still pursue a marketing job within it, you'll struggle with intention. How can you empathize with consumers if you wouldn't use the product or service yourself?

When seeking internships and positions, aim for your dream job and set your goals accordingly. As the saying goes, 'shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' Go after your dream of your favorite industry or products, but if you don’t make it you will learn a lot regardless. You will gain valuable experience, and set a path to pull you in the right direction.