This week, we are spotlighting the incoming President of The Junior Marketing Advisory Board! Melanie shared about the responsibilities of a JMAB member and the opportunities she has found through JMAB. 

What are the responsibilities and expectations of a JMAB member?

There are many responsibilities and expectations of all of our wonderful JMAB members.
All JMAB members are expected to attend our biweekly meetings where we discuss upcoming events. They are expected to attend all events including Major fairs, Gobblerfest, MAB meetings, and much more! All members are also responsible for guiding their marketing mentees through any questions they may have regarding marketing. Overall our members Work closely to ensure alignment with overall business objectives, collaborate on projects, share knowledge, and contribute to a positive team dynamic.

What is the greatest networking/growth opportunity you have found through JMAB?

The greatest networking opportunity that JMAB has brought me has been my professional relationship with Amy Cropper. She is a member of the MAB and has been my mentor for the past two years. Amy has guided me professionally such as reviewing my resume, preparing me for interviews, and connecting me with people at multiple companies I've been interested in. Amy has made a huge impact on my professional success, however, the whole MAB has helped me grow in many different ways.

What is your best advice for students completing the JMAB application process?

We are super excited to have students applying for JMAB! My biggest piece of advice when completing the application is to clearly express your enthusiasm and passion for marketing. Understand the goals, values, and mission of JMAB by visiting our website and Instagram, and explain how you see yourself contributing to our initiatives.

Is there anything exciting that JMAB has upcoming in the new year?

We have lots of exciting opportunities and events next semester! We will be having a MAB led event once a month including an interview workshop, professional brand presentation, and networking events. We will also continue our peer mentor program, so each member of JMAB will be paired with a student who needs guidance with marketing!

How did your experience with JMAB contribute to landing your full-time job at Fanny Mae?

Being a part of JMAB allowed me to connect with professionals in the marketing industry. I came across individuals who provided recommendations and informed me about available positions. As a member of JMAB, you are indicating a commitment to professional development in the marketing field. Employers look for candidates who are proactive about staying informed and engaged in their industry. This helped me land a full time Marketing position at Fannie Mae.