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What’s New in Marketing

The Department of Marketing would like to introduce three new courses that will be added to the timetable beginning Fall 2021

MKTG 2104: Careers in Marketing

Provide students with an early start on understanding the many career options within the marketing major. In-depth focus in developing an online professional branded website and career map. Enhance and broaden the understanding of customer’s needs, while gaining the sense of ownership over the product and/or service to meet customer’s needs through communication of marketing strategy. Serves as a foundational course in preparing students for career success in the Marketing field. Pass/Fail only. (1H, 1C).

MKTG 3134: Personal Well-Being and Professional Success

In-depth study of the science of well-being and stress management for business and business professionals from multidisciplinary perspective (Positive Psychology, Consumer Research, Behavioral Economics, Neuroscience, Sociology). Includes relevance of well-being data in marketing and business contexts. Application of well-being and stress management strategies to overcome well-being barriers, ensure work-life balance and create positive work environments. Exploration of policy implications of well-being data. (3H, 3C).

MKTG 3164: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy

Study of the principles of digital marketing and its applications. Integration of digital strategies with overall business and traditional marketing plans. Emphasis given to critical digital knowledge in inbound marketing, identifying, and creating buyer personas, email marketing, search engine optimization, planning and executing digital content marketing calendars, social media marketing, web analytics and digital compliance legislation and regulations, and their ramifications. Co: 3104 or 3104H. (3H, 3C)