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Marketing Winter 2023 Course Offerings

Virtual- Online Courses

December 26, 2022-January 14, 2023

MKTG 3104 Marketing Management (CRN 40294)

Study of the marketing process from a macro and management viewpoint. The macro viewpoint includes the role of marketing in society. The management viewpoint includes the product, distribution, promotional, and pricing decisions.

MKTG 4204 Consumer Behavior (CRN 40295)

An integrated analysis of individual and environmental influence on consumer decision making, purchasing, and consumption behaviors with strong emphasis on implications for developing, executing, and assessing marketing strategy. Prerequisites: MKTG 3104

MKTG 4604 Retail Management (CRN 40296)

Analysis of managerial problems in retailing establishments, including traditional and online formats. Focus is on operational problems, retail and e-retail store organization, location analysis, buying, selling, sales promotion, and merchandise handling. Prerequisites: MKTG 3104

For students who are looking to catch up, or simply want to get ahead, Winter session is for you! If you have questions about enrolling, contact the Marketing Department at (540) 231-6949.