A few months after graduation in 2011, Kayla Clements moved to NYC to intern at a photo agency. Shortly after, the internship turned into a full-time job. Flash forward six years, Kayla had become the Creative Marketing Director for that agency. “After spending 6 years in NYC, the ‘concrete jungle’, I found myself missing the outdoors,” says Kayla. “I craved being outside and I needed a break”.

That’s when Kayla created her own design studio. It was only February of last year. The cool part is, after a few months of booking clients, she took off across America for sixty days to work and travel National Parks at the same time. Work became anywhere quiet and with wifi. Usually, that meant the nearest public library, each morning. In the afternoon she would return to National Parks to hike and explore.

When asked what was the best part about her trip, Kayla said, “The perspective that I re-gained by being outdoors. I was able to completely shed stress, re-center, and reconnect to what is important - a true work-life balance.” Her clients knew she would be traveling, and while she was on the road she was simultaneously running her studio, Una Volta (unavoltastudio.com). She works with artists to help design their brand and curate their portfolios.

Kayla says, “Studying abroad in Lugano is what sparked my interest in traveling. I loved being exposed to the beauty of new cultures, and opening my eyes to the bigger world out there”. Kayla now splits her time between New York City and San Diego.

A day in the life of Kayla is designing and curating all of the branding and imagery for clients portfolios, printed promos, in the form of company newsletters, etc., anything involving the design of images. She graduated with a concentration in the Arts Department and minor in International Business along with her Marketing degree.

“I was always curious how people made a travel lifestyle possible”, Kayla mentioned. “Today I’ve written a book, Daytripper to tell others about the logistics of how to make this a reality. Often the beauty of our National Parks is overlooked, but traveling them can change your whole mindset.”

The book includes planning tips, routes, and stories from the trails, with photos included. It will inspire you to take in the beauty around us we take for granted.

Photo of Daytripper

The book just launched, and you can pre-order a copy exclusively at this link for 40 days only: daytripperthebook.com.

Watch the video and you will be hooked.


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Kayla and The Daytripper

Article by Ashlin Webster