Rajesh Bagchi

Acting Department Head
  • Professor of Marketing
Rajech Bagchi
2016 Pamplin (0236)

Teaching Interest

  • Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Judgment and Decision-Making

Research Interests

  • Pricing, numerosity, goals, and loyalty rewards.

Selected Publications

  • Sinha, Jayati and Rajesh Bagchi, "Role of Ambient Temperature in Influencing Willingness-To-Pay in Auctions and Negotiations," Journal of Marketing, Conditionally Accepted. 
  • Sevilla, Julio, Mathew Isaac, and Rajesh Bagchi (2019), “Format Neglect: How the Use of Numerical Versus Percent Rank Claims Influences Consumer Judgments,” forthcoming, Journal of Marketing.
  • Zhu, Meng, Rajesh Bagchi, and Stefan Hock (2019), “The Mere Deadline Effect: Why More Time Might Sabotage Goal Pursuit, forthcoming, Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Davis, Derick F. and Rajesh Bagchi (2018), “How Evaluations of Multiple Percentage Price Changes are Influenced by Presentation Mode and Percentage Ordering: The Role of Anchoring and Surprise,” forthcoming, Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Hock, Stefan and Rajesh Bagchi (2018), “The Impact of Crowding on Calorie Consumption,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (5), 1123-1140.
  • Monga, Ashwani, Frank May, and Rajesh Bagchi (2017), “Eliciting Time versus Money: Time Scarcity Underlies Asymmetric Wage Rates,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (4), 833–852.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh, Lauren Block, Rebecca Hamilton, and Julie L. Ozanne (2017), “A Field Guide for the Review Process: Writing and Responding to Peer Reviews, Tutorial for the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (5), 860-872.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Derick F. Davis (2016), “Numerosity and Consumer Decision Making,” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10, 89-93.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Elise Chandon Ince (2016), “Is a 70% Prediction More Accurate than a 30% Prediction? How Level of a Forecast Affects Inferences About Forecasts and Forecasters,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (1), 31-45.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh, Nevena Koukova, Shweta Oza, Haresh Gurnani, and Mahesh Nagarajan (2016), “Walking in My Shoes: How Expectations of Role Reversals in Future Transactions Impacts Willingness-to-Pay in Present Transactions,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (3), 381-95.
  • Cai, Fengyan, Rajesh Bagchi, and Dinesh Gauri (2016), “Boomerang Effects of Low Price Discounts: How Low Price Discounts Affect Purchase Propensity,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (5), 804-16.
  • Davis, Derick F., Rajesh Bagchi, and Lauren G. Block (2016), “Alliteration Alters: Phonetic Overlap in Promotional Messages Influences Evaluations and Choice,” Journal of Retailing, 92 (1), 1-16 (lead article).
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Amar Cheema (2013), “The Effect of Red Background Color on Willingness-to-pay: The Moderating Role of Selling Mechanism,” Journal of Consumer Research, 39 (5), 947-60.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Derick F. Davis (2012), “$29 for 70 items or 70 items for $29? How Presentation Order Affects Package Perceptions,” Journal of Consumer Research, 39 (1), 62-73. 
  • Monga, Ashwani and Rajesh Bagchi (2012), “Years, Months, and Days Versus 1, 12, and 365: The Influence of Units Versus Numbers,” Journal of Consumer Research, 39 (1), 185-98.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Lauren G. Block (2011), "Chocolate Cake Please! Why Do Consumers Indulge More When It Feels More Expensive?" Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 30 (2), 292-304.
  • Bagchi, Rajesh and Xingbo Li (2011), “Illusionary Progress in Loyalty Programs: Magnitudes, Reward Distances, and Step-Size Ambiguity,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (February), 888-901.
  • Cheema, Amar and Rajesh Bagchi (2011), “Goal Visualization and Goal Pursuit: Implications for Individuals and Managers,” Journal of Marketing, 75 (March), 109-23.
  • Cheema, Amar, Peter T. L. Popkowski-Leszczyc, Rajesh Bagchi, Richard P. Bagozzi, James C. Cox, Utpal M. Dholakia, Eric A. Greenleaf, Amit Pazgal, Michael H. Rothkopf, Michael Shen, Shyam Sunder, and Robert Zeithammer (2005), “Economics, Psychology, and Social Dynamics of Consumer Bidding in Auctions,” Marketing Letters, 16, 3/4, 401-03.

Additional Information

  • Associate Editor
    • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal Editorial Review Boards
    • Customer Needs and Solutions
    • Journal of Consumer Psychology
    • Journal of Marketing
    • Journal of Marketing Research
    • Journal of Retailing

Dr. Rajesh Bagchi is a Professor of Marketing at the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech. Rajesh received his Bachelors degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai in Civil Engineering in 1998 and his Masters degree from the University of Cincinnati in Environmental Engineering in 2000. Rajesh worked in several high technology start-ups before obtaining his Doctoral degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2008.

Rajesh studies the psychological processes that underlie consumer and managerial decision-making. His research primarily focuses on two areas: a) how numerical markers influence consumer judgments and behaviors, and b) how consumers form pricing judgments. Rajesh often draws from and contributes to several literatures, such as those on numerical cognitions, numerosity, goals, consumer financial decision-making, and pricing.

Rajesh’s research has been published in several journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, the Journal or Retailing, andMarketing Letters. Rajesh serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Research and is on the Editorial Review Boards of several other journals. Rajesh was selected as a Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute in 2013 and received an Early Career Award from the Society for Consumer Psychology in 2016.

Rajesh teaches Marketing Analytics and Marketing Research at the Undergraduate level and Judgment and Decision-making at the doctoral level.