Paul M. Herr

Department Head, VA-Carolinas Professor in Purchasing Mgmt. Professor of Mktg

Teaching Interest:

Marketing Strategy, Consumer Decision Making, Consumer Welfare

Research Interests:

Consumer Decision Masking, Strategic Branding, Attitude Theory

Selected Publications:

Davis, Derick F. and Paul M. Herr (2014), “From Bye to Buy: Homophones as a Phonological Route to Priming,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (April), 1063-1077.

Herr, Paul M., Christine M. Page, Bruce E. Pfeiffer, and Derick F. Davis (2012), “Affective Influences on Evaluative Processing,” Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (February), 833-845.

Kang, Yong-Soon, and Paul M. Herr (2006), “Beauty and the Beholder: Toward An Integrative Model of Communication Source Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 33 (June), 123-130.

Herr, Paul M. and Christine M. Page (2004), “Asymmetric Response Latencies in Liking and Disliking Judgments: So What’s Not to Like?” Journal of Consumer Research, 30 (March), 588-601.

Kang, Yong-Soon, Paul M. Herr and Christine M. Page (2003), “Time and Distance: Asymmetries in Consumer Trip Knowledge and Judgments,” Journal of Consumer Research, 30 (December), 420-429.

Herr, Paul M., Frank R. Kardes, and John Kim (1991), "Effects of Word-of-Mouth and Product-Attribute Information on Persuasion: An Accessibility-Diagnosticity Perspective," Journal of Consumer Research, 17, 454-462.

Herr, Paul M. (1989), "Priming Price: Prior Knowledge and Context Effects," Journal of Consumer Research, 16, 67-75.

Herr, Paul M. (1986), "Consequences of Priming: Judgment and Behavior," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 51, 1106-1115.

Paul M. Herr


  • A.B. Psychology, Oberlin College
  • PhD Social Psychology, Indiana University, Bloomington