Frank May

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Time, Intertemporal choice, Self-control

Selected Publications:

May, Frank and Caglar Irmak (equal authorship) (2018), “The Effects of Rarity on Indulgent Consumption: Non-Impulsives Indulge When Low Frequency is Salient,” Journal of Consumer Research, Forthcoming.

Monga, Ashwani, Frank May, and Rajesh Bagchi (equal authorship) (2017), “Eliciting Time versus Money: Time Scarcity Underlies Asymmetric Wage Rates,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (4), 833-52.

May, Frank (2017), “The Effect of Event Markers on Intertemporal Choice is Moderated by the Reliance on Emotions Versus Reason to Make Decisions,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (2), 313-31.

Siddiqui, Rafay, Frank May, and Ashwani Monga (equal authorship) (2017), “Time Window as a Self-Control Denominator: Shorter Windows Shift Preference Toward Virtues and Longer Windows Toward Vices,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (6), 932-49.

May, Frank, Alokparna Basu Monga, and Kartik Kalaignanam (2015), “Consumer Responses to Brand Failures: The Neglected Role of Honor Values,” In Review of Marketing Research (Special Issue on Brand Meaning Management), Special Issue Editors: Deborah J. MacInnis and C. Whan Park. Publisher: Emerald.

May, Frank and Caglar Irmak (2014), “Licensing Indulgence in the Present by Distorting Memories of Past Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (October), 624-641.

May, Frank and Ashwani Monga (2014), “When Time Has a Will of Its Own, the Powerless Don’t Have the Will to Wait: Anthropomorphism of Time Can Decrease Patience,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (February), 924-942.

Siddiqui, Rafay, Frank May, and Ashwani Monga (equal authorship) (2014), “Reversals of Task Duration Estimates: Thinking How rather than Why Shrinks Duration Estimates for Simple Tasks, but Elongates Estimates for Complex Tasks,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 50 (January), 184-189. 

Frank May


  • B.S., Finance, New Jersey City University
  • MBA, Marketing, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Marketing,University of South Carolina