Mario Pandelaere

Acting Graduate Program Director
 Mario Pandelaere
2021 Pamplin (0236)

Teaching Interest:

  • Social Influence
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing & Society

Research Interests:

  • Materialism
  • Numerosity
  • Decision-Making
  • Well-being
  • Social Influence

Selected Publications:

  • Hudders, L. & Pandelaere, M. (2015). Is Having a Taste of Luxury a Good Idea? How Use vs. Ownership of Luxury Products Affects Satisfaction with Life. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 10, 253-262
  • Krekels, G. & Pandelaere, M. (2015). Dispositional Greed. Personality and Individual Differences, 74, 225-230
  • Lembregts, C. & Pandelaere, M. (2014). Numerosity effects in income inequality perceptions: Why relative increases in income seem bad. Journal of Economic Psychology, 43, 37-47
  • Meert, K., Pandelaere, M., & Patrick, V. (2014). Taking a Shine to It: How the Preference for Glossy stems from an Innate Need for Water. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24, 195-206
  • Bogaerts, T. & Pandelaere, M. (2013). Less is More: Why Some Domains are More Positional than Others. Journal of Economic Psychology, 39, 225-236
  • De Bock, T., Pandelaere, M., & Van Kenhove, P. (2013). When Colors Backfire: The Impact of Color Cues on Moral Judgment. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 23(3), 341-348
  • Shrum, L. J., Wong, N., Arif, F., Chugani, S., Gunz, A., Lowrey, T. M., Nairn, A., Pandelaere, M. Ross, S. M., Ruvio, A., Scott, K., & Sundie, J. (2013). Reconceptualizing Materialism as Identity Goal Pursuits: Functions, Processes, and Consequences. Journal of Business Research, 66, 1179–1185.
  • Lembregts, C., & Pandelaere, M. (2013). Are All Units Created Equal? The Effect of Default Units on Product Evaluations. Journal of Consumer Research, 39(6), 1275-1289.
  • Hudders, L. & Pandelaere, M. (2012). The Silver Lining of Materialism: The Impact of Luxury Consumption on Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Happiness Studies, 13 (3), 411-437.
  • Lens, I., Driesmans, K., Pandelaere, M. & Janssens, K. (2012). Would male conspicuous consumption capture the female eye? Menstrual cycle effects on womens attention to status products. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48(1), 346-349.
  • Pandelaere, M., Briers, B. & Lembregts, C. (2011). How to Make a 29% Increase Look Bigger: The Unit Effect in Option Comparisons. Journal of Consumer Research, 38(2), 308-322.
  • Janssens, K., Pandelaere, M, Millet, K., Van den Bergh, B., Lens, I. & Roe, K. (2011). Can buy me love. Mate attraction goals lead to perceptual readiness for status products. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47(1), 254-258.
  • Pandelaere, M., Millet, K., & Van den Bergh, B. (2010). Madonna or Don McLean? The effect of order of exposure on relative liking. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20(4), 442-451.
  • Pandelaere, M., Briers, B., Dewitte, S. & Warlop, L. (2010). Better Think before Agreeing Twice. Mere Agreement: a similarity-based persuasion mechanism. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27(2), 133-141.
  • Cornelissen, G., Pandelaere, M., Dewitte, S., & Warlop, L. (2008). Positive cueing: Promoting sustainable consumer behavior by cueing common environmental behaviors as environmental. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 25, 46-55.
  • Geyskens, K., Dewitte, S., Pandelaere, M., & Warlop, L. (2008). Tempt Me Just a Little Bit More: The Effect of Prior Food Temptation Actionability on Goal Activation and Consumption. Journal of Consumer Research, 35, 600-610.
  • Goukens C., Dewitte S., Pandelaere M., & Warlop L. (2007). Wanting a bit(e) of everything. Extending the valuation effect to variety seeking. Journal of Consumer Research, 34, 386-394.
  • Briers, B., Pandelaere, M., Dewitte, S., & Warlop, L. (2006). Hungry for Money: On the Exchangeability of Financial and Caloric Resources. Psychological Science, 17, 939-943.

Additional Information:

  • Member Editorial Board of:
    • Journal of Consumer Research
    • International Journal of Research in Marketing


Dr. Mario Pandelaere is Associate Professor in Marketing. He has been an Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences (University Leuven, Belgium), and Research Professor in Marketing (Ghent University, Belgium). Dr. Pandelaere holds academic degrees in Business Engineering (M.Sc.), Psychology (M.A., PhD.), Statistics (M.Sc.) and Philosophy (B.A.).

His research interests include persuasion, judgment and decision making and materialism and conspicuous consumption. His work has been published in top-tier journals in Business and Psychology, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin andPsychological Science. He has taught Public Relations, Persuasive Communication, Marketing Communication, Advertising, Advanced Research Methods, and currently teaches Marketing, Society and Public Interest (MKTG 4664) and Experimental Research: Approach, Design and Data-analysis (MKTG 6984). He reviews for academic journals in business, psychology and communication sciences and currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Research and is a Senior Editor for the International Journal of Research in Marketing.