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Broderick Turner

Assistant Professor of Marketing
2025 Pamplin (2036)
880 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

As an educator, Professor Turner aims to create a judgment-free, excuse-free environment where students can engage with the bleeding-edge of marketing and learn from each other. Moreover, there is an expectation of respect for all the students in every class.

When not doing research or teaching you can find Professor Turner obsessively following the NBA, swimming the butterfly, tracking down limited-edition sneakers, or cooking for his family.

Professor Broderick L. Turner, Jr. leads multiple research projects that are connected by a research framework he developed. He considers the Consequences, i.e., the behavioral outcome given a relevant context, the underlying Rules of this behavior, i.e., the logical, psychological processes. Once  the rules are understood, his teams test rule-based Interventions that can change consumers' behavior. Within this C.R.I. framework, his research considers consequential contexts that impact the lives of marginalized and vulnerable consumers; poverty, gender identity, and surveillance.

He also founded The Flea-Market Lab. The lab aims to never generalize findings to vulnerable populations without working directly with them. The lab has established stalls in outdoor flea-market in both Miami, FL and Chicago, IL. These markets tend to serve communities of recent immigrants and other economically vulnerable consumers. The lab is building experiments and rule-based interventions designed for participants who have real (not imagined) experience with economic, cultural, and racial vulnerability. The lab is always seeking collaborators from industry and academia (so reach out!).