Dr. Shane Wang is a Professor of Marketing and Graduate Program Director here in Pamplin. His research focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with concentrations in Online Word-of-Mouth and unstructured Data Analysis, Statistical Methods for Consumer Research, and Fintech and Marketing-IS Interface. 

We are proud to congratulate Dr. Shane Wang, as he has recently been awarded several prestigious recognitions: 

AMA CBSIG the 2023-24 Research in Practice Award

This award, distributed by the Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association, honors recent, rigorous research with managerial implications. Dr. Wang earned this award for the following research: "Attribute Embedding: Learning Hierarchical Representations of Product Attributes from Consumer Reviews," (JM, 2022)) by Shane Wang, Jiaxiu He, David J. Curry and Jun Hyun (Joseph) Ryoo.

2023 AMA MR-SIG Don Lehmann Award 

This award, distributed by The Marketing Research Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association,  honors the best dissertation-based article recently published in the Journal of Marketing or Journal of Marketing Research. Dr. Wang was a finalist for this award for the following research: “Do Spoilers Really Spoil? Using Topic Modeling to Measure the Effect of Spoiling Movie Reviews on Box Office Revenue,”  Ryoo, Jun Hyun (Joseph), Xin (Shane) Wang, Shijie Lu (2021).

2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Marketing

Editorial Review Board members are selected as winners based on review workload and the constructiveness, thoroughness, and timeliness of their reports.

2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Research

This award is given to members of JCR’s Editorial Review Board who provided constructive, benevolent, and punctual reviews during the previous year.

To learn more about Dr Wang’s Research, click the attached link to view his website. Congratulations Dr. Wang! 


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