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Isaac Tigges

Isaac is a sophomore as a business undecided student, although is looking to major in business management. Isaac grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina before coming to Virginia Tech in 2022.

Along with being a member of JMAB, Isaac is also a part of a faculty led, student run marketing agency called PRISM as an account manager and analyst. While in PRISM, Isaac was able to complete one of the most successful digital paid advertising campaigns for one of PRISM’s longest standing clients. Isaac was able to almost double their results with only half of the previous allocated time and budget.  Isaac also runs a successful auto detailing business located in Raleigh, and is currently working at Red Hat Inc as a Product Marketing Intern.

Outside of work, Isaac has an immense passion for racing and cars. In his free time you will often find him working on his cars, going to car meets, and visiting the track.