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Professional Sales Program Course Descriptions

The Professional Sales Program in the Pamplin College of Business’ Marketing Department is designed to prepare students for dynamic and successful careers whether they choose to go on to professional sales, entrepreneurship, or to hold top management positions within the nation’s top corporations. To achieve this, a series of compelling and enterprising course offerings have been designed to ensure our graduates acquire the necessary skills that are key markers to career success. 

Principles of Professional Sales (MKTG 4554): Management of relationships between buyers and sellers among marketing organizations. Organizational buying, personal selling, and relationship marketing. The buying center and buying roles, the buying situation, the purchasing role, the sales process, personal selling approaches, negotiation, power and dependence, conflict resolution, and relational exchange. 

Advanced Professional Selling (MKTG 4774): Advanced theory and practice of professional selling with primary focus on the professional sales process, analysis of associated strategic and ethical issues, and the acquisition of critical skills required of successful salespeople. Builds on the foundation created in Principles of Professional Sales (MKTG 4554) to expand the knowledge and skills of students considering careers in professional sales.

Sales Force Management (MKTG 4454): Integration of behavioral research to provide an understanding of the role of the salesperson within the sales organization and in relation to the buyers. Personal selling examines the dyadic interaction between buyer and seller. Managing the sales force covers planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of sales personnel.

Field Practicum in Marketing (MKTG 4404): Application of marketing concepts and theories to a specific business concept. On-site performance of marketing activities and a written analysis of the firm's marketing strategy and execution.