It all started in eighth grade when Ashley Bunce and Perrin Raudabaugh became inseparable best friends. That didn’t change during their time at Virginia Tech, where they found themselves doing everything side by side. Both graduated in 2012, and today, they both work for Netflix doing Marketing, one in L.A., and the other in Amsterdam.

Perrin summed up her success this way: “Going into college, I didn’t have any industry contacts or easy path in, my success has all been through old-fashioned networking - taking the time to meet people and shake hands. I’m at Netflix because of my drive and passion to learn. I want to make a name for myself in the world. You really don’t need to “know” anyone, it’s all about paving your own path to what you define as success.”

They motivated each other to get involved early on, through VTTV, and various internships that included the Disney internship program in Orlando, where they both got their foot in the door.

After graduation, Perrin began at ESPN working on TV production in Bristol, and Ashley began with Disney in social media. Perrin relocated to L.A., and Ashley found a job at an ad-agency out west to be nearby.

Shortly after, Ashley moved to CBS and began handling social media efforts for TV shows. Meanwhile, Perrin switched from working with celebrities at ESPN into a Marketing Coordinator role at Netflix. Perrin was relocated from L.A. to Amsterdam, but she put in a recommendation that helped Ashley land a job at Netflix before she left.

Today, Perrin works on the Partner Marketing Creative team focusing on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Ashley handles social media for new unscripted Netflix TV shows in the US. Their jobs allow them to travel often, so although they are a great distance apart, they are connected by working for the same company.

Their greatest advice to students is this:

  • Be open to possibilities and change. Moving to new places will lead to success faster. Don’t be afraid to leave a job after a short time if the right opportunity comes around.

  • You are your own biggest fan. Keep in mind your end goal, and there are many paths that can get you there. The early parts of your career might not seem meaningful, but they are tokens in your toolbox that will help you later on.

Ashley and Perrin

Article written by Ashlin Webster and Alana Clark