Catherine Claire, recognized lifestyle and fashion blogger, has been pushing the boundaries ever since she walked in the doors of Pamplin as a student. Now, she has begun a career that inspires thousands of others to do the same; whether it be in fashion or just in life.

A 2010 VT Marketing graduate, Catherine never skipped a beat when it came to utilizing the web to make a name for herself. It was during a marketing class taught by Professor Wertalik that she created an inspiration board for a fashion blog, which she ended up using in real life a few years later to create what became ‘’, a lifestyle blog covering all things fashion, beauty, and travel related. “I was independent enough to tailor my coursework to incorporate my love of fashion”. She currently runs another blog as well,

Catherine urges current students, “it does not matter what you are majoring in or what interests you, you need to start a website now. Companies want to see you are a self-starter, and a website captures what you are capable of. When you have a website to pair with your resume, it speaks volumes about what you have to offer and impresses recruiters every time.”

You never know, creating a website might carve a path for successful entrepreneurship, as it did in the case of Catherine Claire. After graduation, moving to LA or NYC working in fashion for someone else wasn’t her goal. Instead, she continued to be a determined self-starter where she wanted to be, in Richmond.

A typical day for her starts at 4 am with meditation, gym or yoga. From there, she completes work for her social media manager job at a dentistry in Richmond but ends with her favorite part: working on the blogs, which allow her to travel to NY, LA, and other places to meet with P.R. companies, hotels, brands etc. Thank you, Catherine, for reminding us, “The only limits in your life are those that you set yourself.”

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Article by Ashlin Webster

Photos by Kaytee Lauren

Catherine Claire!