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Vicky Dierckx

Adjunct Professor
2021 Pamplin (0236)
880 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Vicky Dierckx is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Marketing Department of Virginia Tech since 2020. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychological Science from Ghent University in Belgium. After moving to the US with her family, in the summer of 2015, she started studying the fascinating topic of Well-being. Vicky has ample experience in teaching well-being classes. She has facilitated multiple well-being groups for undergraduate and graduate students, in collaboration with the Rec Sports Department of Virginia Tech. She has also taught well-being courses for the Lifelong Learning Institute at Virginia Tech. Vicky has been a guest speaker in several classes (at VT and Radford), for organizations (e.g., American Marketing Association at Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Women’s Club) and for a local government (Pulaski County).    


Ph.D. in Psychological Science (2001, Ghent University, Belgium)

MA in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science (1997, KULeuven, Belgium)

MA in Psychology (1996, KULeuven, Belgium)

Teaching degree (1996, KULeuven, Belgium)

Teaching interests

Personal well-being and professional success, Goal setting and motivation


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