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Gopal Nath

Gopal Nath

Company: Faire

Title: Head of Marketing Analytics

Gopal Nath is a graduate of the class of 2010, earning a BS in Marketing Management. After graduation, he began a career in marketing for various mult-national brands, including the Walton family of brands. After leaving the traditional marketing-manager side of marketing, he transitioned into marketing analytics as well as the non-profit sector. These were new ventures for him, but he was able to adapt and quickly grow his skillset - thanks in part to the skills he’d learned at VT. 

Nath currently leads Global Marketing Analytics at Faire where this team is focused on the measurement of paid marketing, CRM, and brand marketing across both sides of the marketplace. Previously, he lead Global Consumer Marketing Analytics at Uber where his team of 10 was focused on consumer growth - unlocking insights and measuring incrementality for both the mobility and delivery sides of the business. One of the most important things he’s come to learn is that relationship building across more than just your immediate team can be vital in your career growth.  “When you’re in a huge organization, knowing not only your team but networking across multiple verticals can unlock all kinds of opportunities.” 

His passions include cooking, music, watching sports, playing basketball, DJing, and his newborn daughter (who is currently the sole center of his attention!)"